Why Growing Deeper?

Many of us know what the Bible says about marriage- and yet we don’t know how to live that out. After working with hundreds of couples, authors Scott and Abigail Doust were desperate to provide something that truly came alongside couples in an authentic way with practical help. The perfect combo of Scripture and accessible tools means you can sink your teeth into this and apply it to your marriage. This is a great study for pre-marrieds as well as those who have been married 20 years. We’d like to say marriage is easy when you have Jesus, but we are still just two sinners trying to navigate this journey! Help is here.

About Growing Deeper

Are you ready to grow in your marriage? This study offers Scripture to spur you on and the practical tools to challenge your daily habits.   This couples’ study is an 8-week study for a small group of 3-10 couples.  Each week you will have homework to do individually as well as together as a couple (about an hour per week) which includes reading, videos, reflection and discussion. At your small group, you will have stimulating discussion about the lesson, the application, and your unique relationship. This study challenges you to think about the issue at hand, investigate Scripture, seek sources, develop your response to these truths, and move forward with action steps. This version of the Socratic method is the WISDOM Process designed by Bruce Miller and used across the world.


The Growing Deeper study sessions include:

  • Personality
  • Sin Cycle
  • Assertive Communication
  • Fighting Fairly
  • Forgiveness
  • Managing Conflict (that can’t be resolved)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Habits
  • How to Love and Set Goals

For a sample of the study, enjoy a peek at Week 1.

Growing Deeper Week 1 (Sample)

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