Parenting is “the most important job on earth” and yet a field with very little training.  Most instruction comes from books, and plenty from the speed bumps of life.  It’s exhausting!  We can feel inadequate, frustrated, impatient as well as elated, joyous and proud beyond belief.

We are introducing a series of practical workshops to help YOU be the parent you want to be.  Grounded is not as much about how to ground your misbehaving kids (although we WILL cover that!) as much as grounding you as a parent.  We will be encouraging you that you can do this, reminding you that God equipped you to be a parent, and guiding you with practical steps to do it well.  We are glad you are here. We can help!

Our Next Grounded Workshop:

Values and Vision for Your Family

If your church or small group wants to host a Grounded event, please contact us! Minimum is only 10 people and we would be thrilled to make a workshop that fits your needs.