Parenting Values

Each parent has an individual way of looking at things because of who they are and how they are wired. This workshop provides opportunity for 2 parents or guardians to identify what they personally value and then communicate effectively with each other in order to identify shared, common values. Your parenting will be stronger than ever!   read more >>

Marriage Values

In marriage, you have two very different people trying to live out their values together. Couples merge together the coffee makers, furniture and schedules but sometimes we don’t naturally talk about the values that determine our decisions. This workshop will get you talking about your own values; we will then guide you to share them with each other to determine your united, shared, common values that will lead your relationship to new levels.   read more >>

Starting Strong Pre-Married

We all want to show love to our spouse and in return be loved well. We help pre-married couples start their marriage out strong by teaching tools for effective communication, understanding personality, resolving conflict, learning to forgive, dealing with stress and setting goals. This workshop is not faith-based, but rather focused on principles and tools necessary for healthy marriages.   read more >>

Growing Strong Married

Ready to enhance and enrich your relationship?. This workshop is based on biblical truths and practical tools for you to take your relationship to the next level. Refresh yourself on principles of communication and conflict resolution and work on creating goals for your unique relationship. This workshop will have plenty of one-on-one time with your spouse or significant other, and laughs, wisdom and fresh perspective.  read more >>


Take the sting out of financial conversations with your spouse by coming to this guided, interactive workshop! Join the partnership of two very different forces: financial experts and communication experts. The first half is down and dirty about financial issues such as different kinds of debt, budgeting, bankruptcy, savings, and investing. The second half will help you and your spouse to process through what the information means to your specific situation. Time will be given for spouses to talk with each other and set realistic financial goals.    read more >>

Growing Deeper study

It’s time to grow deeper– the kind of deeper that brings a rich and satisfying marriage.  The deeper that exposes you to the Scripture to spur you on and the tools to challenge your daily habits.   This couples’  Bible study and relationship guide will offer individual work, couples’ homework, and small group discussion each week.   read more >>