Eric and I try to be intentional in how we parent and what kind of home we create.  One of the ways we do that is by focusing some effort into our Family Guidelines, our Family Do’s.

After researching and gathering other’s ideas on what was important in their households, we sifted through and determined what values we wanted to instill and truths we, as The Corder Family, wanted to live by.

Now whether a family has their values/truths written down or not, they inadvertently live by them.  We can do that by what we fill our calendar with, what we spend our money on, the conversations we have, and what we consume.  Our lives can get so full with everyday responsibilities that sometimes we don’t see the values we are living by until we see the negative impact of it.

It was then that Eric and I decided we needed to have our family’s truths written down so we can go over with the children every day and have a continual reminder of what we desire our family to be.  Because whether or not we are intentional, our children will grow up and they will be molded by something.  As their parents we firmly believe we have the obligation to guide and steer them in moral values and foundational truths.  We get to shape our children, to nurture their souls and to do this there must be purpose in our home.

Since placing Our Family Do’s up for us to see, we have seen how it has helped guide our parenting and how we speak to each other.

In Our Family We…

  • Love the Lord with All Our Heart, Mind, and Strength
  • Hug and Kiss Often
  • Listen To and Obey Our Parents
  • Share
  • Use Kind Words
  • Keep Our Promises
  • Think of Others Before Ourselves
  • Say I Love You
  • Do Our Best
  • Say Please and Thank You
  • Always Tell the Truth
  • Laugh Everyday
  • Give
  • Love Each Other

We say it out loud every day and use it as a guide throughout the day.  There are many times someone in our family needs to be reminded that we use kind words, or we obey our parents, or we think of others before ourselves.  Some come more naturally like saying, “I love you”, or hugging and giving kisses.  Sometimes I can use it to evaluate our day.  Did we laugh today?  Did I laugh today?  What had I been so consumed with that I didn’t even laugh? How did we love the Lord with our mind today?  What did I allow the children to fill their minds with?  Our little Family Do’s has proved to serve our family well!

Now our family is not perfect, even our sign is not perfect, I literally just   hodgepodged it together on an old board!  Yet, it is a living thing in our home.  It has purpose, it is used every day and will morph into what our family needs as our family grows into new seasons.

What values do your family live by? Do you have your Family Do’s posted somewhere?  How has it served your family?

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