North Texas Giving Day: A Request for Challenge Funds

The Family Greenhouse is participating in North Texas Giving Day on September 14th. This is the single biggest fundraising day in North Texas for nonprofits combined. We have set out goals and now need your help reaching them. Every donation we receive over $25 is amplified. In addition to donations being amplified, prizes are awarded throughout the day to non-profits based on social media, marketing, number of donors, donation amounts, and at random. In order for us to increase our donations, chance at winning the prizes and to maximize the donation bonus at the end of the day; we are asking you to help by  providing a Challenge Fund match. These funds will be used as an incentive to get others to donate.

Here are some examples on how Challenge Funds can work:

  1. Match every donation made over $25 (could be a time frame, the entire event, or a set limit)
  2. Pick an hour in which you will match donations made
  3. Match a specific amount of funds $500, $1000, $2500, $5000 etc
  4. A donation made for every new/unique donor (i.e. you will give $5 for ever unique donation)

Your Challenge Funds will help us help others. This is One Day to make a huge impact on The Family Greenhouse’s mission, all our partners, and people we help.

Your Challenge Funds will get recognition as part of our marketing plan or you can make this an anonymous challenge. It will be up to you. If you choose to be a part of our marketing we will:

  • Send you a customized flyer with your logo or name for you to display leading up to and on the day of the event to encourage people to donate through the North Texas Giving Link
  • List you as a sponsor on our North Texas Giving Day Page on our website and for a year on our scrolling sponsor bar.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to recognize your contribution when mentioning the Challenge Funds in each of the posts.
  • List your name and logo in our Facebook Event

Your Challenge Funds will help us reach our goals this year.

  • We have a goal to provide $10,000 in scholarships to help those who cannot afford coaching and workshops. Our hear it to never turn anyone away from coaching. We need our financial partners help to do this.
  • Operating expenses. We are working toward establishing a physical presence in the community with an office, we want to bring on more administrative staff and increase our marketing.

This is where you can help at an exponential level! Please consider helping us help others grow in their relationships. Contact us by Sept. 4, if possible. or call Scott at 469-469-248-6620.