We are glad you are here. We know relationships are hard and we recognize that those who foster and adopt have added stressors put on their relationships.  We can help with practical tools to keep your marriage strong, allow for healthy communication with your children (biological, foster or adopted) and provide individual, couples, and family coaching to help you navigate the unique set of circumstances you are in.

Do you need help from us?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you sometimes get frustrated to miss/have your spouse miss yet another important holiday or event?
  • Do you or your spouse experience such stress and uncertainty on the job that it impacts your relationship?
  • Do deployments challenge your communication and ability to resolve conflict?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. We are here to help. That’s good news, right?

We know military life is far from “normal”. With deployments and field training, you miss out on special occasions and even months of daily routines. Add to that the moving, identifying how to operate apart, figuring out how to overate when together again, and financial stress and you have significant strain on relationships. And of course the uncertainty and the danger of the job itself is a critical component. We are here to equip you (and your family) with tools you need for healthy and strong relationships.


We have several coaches on staff and you can browse their bios to find a good match. Coaching is about helping you navigate your options and move forward in a healthy way.

Guess what? You can try coaching out for free. We want to discover who you are what your struggles are before we move forward. And you might want to meet us to discover if we are a good fit for you!

Schedule a free Discovery Session to get started today!


We host workshops specifically for military individuals, couples and families on topics like communicating effectively, managing expectations, resolving conflict, coping with stress, embracing personality differences, and developing your family values.


Our website is full of helpful resources to help you strengthen your relationships. We have videos, blogs and podcasts intended to equip you in a super-practical way. You can search our website for key words and find lots more on being a parent, setting goals, connecting with your spouse, and much more!