Men’s Resources

Our culture says men are supposed to be strong, men are supposed to be tough, men take care of themselves. The Bible says men are a reflection of God’s goodness created to take care of their families and conform to Christ’s likeness. The goal of The Family Greenhouse is to help grow strong relationships with Biblical truth and practical tools. This page has resources to help you connect in ways you may never thought about.

Growing Toward God

What does it mean to “lead” you family? Men: Quit Trying To Lead Your Wife

Understand your identity Find My Self-Worth

Create some goals you can accomplish SMART Goals


Do You Have a “Christian” Marriage?

6-Steps for Granting Forgiveness

Sometimes Sex, Sometimes Not – Marriage Intimacy

You Don’t Have to Agree, but Show Them You Understand

How to Communicate During Conflict!

Nonverbal Communication

Learn About the 5 Levels of Communication


Seasons of Relationships: Little Ones

Seasons of Relationships: Elementary aged Kids

Seasons of Relationships: Parents of Teens & Tweens

Discipline in Parenting

The Heart of Parenting