Laura Landrum


Laura has been keeping finances in check for TFG since the beginning in 2015. She’s a graduate of University of Texas Dallas with 13 years of accounting experience. If it’s a number or a spreadsheet, she loves it!

In addition to those passions of finance, she has a husband Chris and 4 wonderful kids that she adores and puts God above all else.

Courtney Thielepape

Administrative Assistant

First and foremost, Courtney describes herself as a Christ-follower. Jesus is her savior and she strives to live a life that is glorifying to Him. She is also a wife and a mother of two. She serves The Family Greenhouse as the administrative assistant, making use of her natural gifts of organizing and creating structrure. Prior to having children, she was a mechanical engineer working in the defense industry. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, baking, hunting, and spending time with her family.

Jan Touchberry

Business Coach / Consultant for TFG

Jan plays many roles in life—she is wife to John, mom to Lauren, Jenna, Ben & Kira, and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. She is entrepreneurial by nature and it followed that focusing on business coaching when I got certified as a LPLC just felt natural. I love helping people know how to make their businesses thrive.

Besides an entrepreneur, Jan also describes herself as a nutrition nerd, a social media geek, a song bird and hopelessly addicted to the show Survivor.

Scott Doust

Executive Director

Scott leads the staff and volunteers of The Family Greenhouse while casting vision and overseeing daily operations. He especially enjoys networking with others and partnering with others to give back to the community. He coaches alongside his wife, Abigail, when they do marriage coaching and also he coaches and mentors men in business, the community and church.

In his free time, he can be found cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes, cuddling with his two cats, or grilling something yummy on the grill.

Abigail Doust

Managing Director

Abigail partners with Scott to run the organization from social media to website to training coaches. She loves coordinating with others on the team to get the work of The Family Greenhouse done with excellence. She coaches marriages alongside her husband Scott and also coaches teens and women who want to reach their goals and have healthy relationships.

Abigail home schools her kids and is active in MArCH Enrichment co-op. In her free time she is likely to drum up more projects to do, even if it is baking with her girls or a making a creative photo album.

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