PDF: 3 Ps of Communication

3 Ps Before You Talk

Before you tell someone how upset you are, step back to determine what you are feeling and if you should even talk with them. These 3 steps will be a game-changer for you as you interact with those you care about the most.

More: http://familygreenhouse.org/the-3-ps-to-good-communication/

PDF: Feeling Tree

Feeling Tree

Many people struggle to identify what they are feeling. Everyone feels — everyone expresses it outwardly or pinpoint it easily. Check out our feeling tree to determine what word best describes your situation.

More: http://familygreenhouse.org/how-to-communicate-during-conflict/

PDF: 5 Levels of Communication

Levels of Communication

Just as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs reflects our need for basic human needs to be met before we feel safe, the communication levels also show upward steps of trust. We don’t share our deepest struggles with everyone, but only people we trust. This tool will help you be the trusted person and give you language to better connect with others.

More: http://familygreenhouse.org/5-levels-of-communication/

PDF: Seeking & Granting Forgiveness


There are few truths like this one: we will hurt each other. We are human, and we will hurt the people we care about most. Forgiving well is one of the most essential principles in core relationships, and we are glad to share 2 completely separate processes to guide you along the way.

More: http://familygreenhouse.org/6-steps-for-asking-for-forgivness/
More: http://familygreenhouse.org/6-steps-for-granting-forgiveness/