We believe in partnering with churches. It’s at the core of what we do. There are a few basic principles here:

  1. Not every church can be all things for all people. We believe in coming alongside to provide marriage coaching, relationship workshops, pre-married counseling, care training, and more.
  2. The body of Christ works effectively because we all do our part. This is our part!
  3. The relationship between pastor/minister and congregant is special. Leaning into us can allow those relationships to continue without damage or tainted perspectives.

Our Church Background

Scott was on church staff for starting in 2005 at Christ Fellowship in Mckinney. Scott and Abigail led the marriage ministry at Christ Fellowship as well as providing pastoral care to men, women, and families for many years. Scott and Abigail We were commissioned as missionaries to help grow healthy relationships. They began training others to do what they do to help more people in more places find and follow Jesus Christ.

How Can We Help?

We offer coaching, workshops, resources, and equipping.

  • Coaching your couples to have healthier marriages.
  • Offering interactive workshops on personality, communication, conflict resolution, identifying values and more!
  • Providing resources for you and your families to grow healthy relationships in your church.

How Can You Help?

  • Do your due diligence to study what we believe and get to know us. Then you can tell your folks about our services and KNOW what kind of experience they will get. (they will love us!)
  • Offer to financially support someone from your church that might need a partial scholarship. While scholarships can vary due to circumstances, a common spot is to give $350 toward a10 session package (valued at $800, we will work with the clients to try to help the scholarship go as far as possible).
  • We would love to understand your needs so we can offer workshops to help your body grow healthy relationships.

Please contact us to become a Partner Church or to meet and have coffee to talk more about it!

Current Church Partners: