Laura’s Bio

I am passionate about encouraging wives to love their husbands; not perfectly, but well.

I’ve been married long enough to pass the point of no return! He’s stuck with me for life!

I am a mother of 9 children: 4 children through birth; 5 through adoption. One with severe special needs and multiply handicapped; and five with other special needs.

In the realm of children’s education, I have spanned the educational options from home schooling (20+ years!) through “normal” public schooling. I’m a healthy eating advocate, but we run by McDonalds at least once a week; I allow Pringles in the home.

Being high energy means that even as I consider myself a stay at home mom, I also work part time as a pediatric nurse in a cancer/ICU setting. Going to work gives me a mental and emotional break from the demands at home. More importantly though, the kids who I care for, who are fighting cancer, are the Super Heroes who inspire me!

Education and Achievements

  • Oncology certified, critical care nurse (CCRN), certified pediatric nurse (CPN), pediatric advanced life certification ( PALS)
  • Licensed with Child Protective  Service ( CPS- foster / adopt)
  • Pediatric nurse at Children’s Medical Center since 1984.
  • Has worked with junior high and high school on and off for 30 years
  • Children’s church director
  • Countless rich one-on-one discipling relationships with women and teen girls

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