Ken and Laura come to the Family Greenhouse having developed a passion for helping others, especially in their marital relationships. Having experienced the relationship “School of Hard Knocks” through parenting kids with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities, as well as through that little thing called marriage, they are excited to connect with others who are facing significant life challenges, but who don’t want to fall victim to them.

Ken led a successful career as an engineer and manager in industry, and more recently as a technical writer, while Laura has led a fruitful career as a registered nurse, currently caring for children receiving cancer treatment at Children’s Medical Center’s Oncology Unit.

The Millers have parented nine children, one who has graduated to heaven, and five who are adopted. They’re still in the thick of it with two high schoolers and two eight-year- olds at home! They are thrilled to be the grandparents of several grandchildren, including a set of twins!

The Millers especially enjoy having fun together in the outdoors, whether climbing mountains in Colorado, or by running (jogging), or biking.

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