Brad Ewell
Brad Ewell

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Brad has been married to his high school sweetheart, Pam, for 23 years and lives in McKinney. Brad and Pam have three kids ranging from 18 to 8 years old (two daughters and a son). Brad has always had an interest in helping and serving others. He received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology in 1992 and has worked in law enforcement for the past 23 years. He has a Masters in Coaching and loves helping people move forward in their lives.

With working in the police department and coaching, Brad has not had much free time on his hands. He still finds time to hang out with his family, be outdoors, read, work out, watch movies, and slowly learn to play the acoustic guitar. One of his favorite places is the mountains of Colorado. If he didn’t have to work,  you would find him in the mountains with his family, a good book, and his guitar.

Wake Up Call

Several years ago Brad was diagnosed with cancer. After successful surgery and radiation he began to look back over his life and realized he had a desire to help people in additional ways. He enrolled in a master’s degree program at Liberty University. Brad will complete his course of study in March of 2016 earning a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a cognate in Life Coaching.


While completing this graduate degree Brad has studied life coaching strategies, relationship coaching, leadership coaching, as well as the counseling courses in the integration of spirituality and counseling, group dynamics, personality dynamics, and interpersonal communication. Brad also has a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) and is an educator for the “Gottman Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” program. Brad’s goal is to help you grow in both your relationships and personal life to have the most fulfilling life possible.

Life Experience 

  • First Responder: In 23 years of working in law enforcement, Brad has experienced a variety of shifts, assignments and schedules.  He understands the stresses that first responder jobs and schedules can produce in relationships.
  • Kids: Early in marriage, Brad and Pam were faced with both infertility and miscarriages. He has seen how these circumstances can affect an entire family. Today, two of their kids have been diagnosed with Autism (high functioning). He sees the joys and struggles that raising children with special needs can create.
  • Personality: Brad is also an introvert (don’t worry, he really does want to meet with you) but he also knows the challenges this type of personality can create in an individual’s personal and professional life. He can work with you to make this a personal asset rather than something you feel you need to work through or “correct”.


Professionally, Brad has held a leadership position for several years. He has studied various styles of leadership and knows how you can take this knowledge to improve your work and home life.


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