April’s Bio


April has a passion for family, children, marriages and women. She has been married to her husband Eric for 17 years and has four children ranging in ages from two to eight years. In her earlier days she was an elementary school teacher, college administrator, Resident Faculty and Online Associate Faculty. She enjoys homeschooling her two oldest children and likes to take advantage of the family activities in the Dallas area. April is a lover of books, art, music, theater and Jesus!

When her son was diagnosed with an unexplained speech impediment and delay, April and her family were thrust into a new world of navigating through different components of healthy living. In addition to being her son’s advocate for ways to help him communicate, she has sought out ways for her family to live cleaner in an attempt to promote overall well-being and optimal performance for everyone in her family.

With 17 years of marriage, children, and the pressures of having to be their advocates, April and Eric have not been sheltered from struggling with issues regarding financial and relational stress. They have dealt with the consequences of poor decisions that have affected the whole family. Thankfully God has allowed them to go through the fire to grow their faith and relationship with each other and the Lord.

April and Eric have experienced coaching for themselves and understand the importance and benefits that coaching can provide for others. They have been working with couples and individuals for the last 2 years and they are excited and ready to help anyone who may be interested in getting “unstuck”.


April and Eric enjoy helping in Individual and Couples Coaching. April also specializes in Women, Children, Family, Pre-marrieds, Relationship Stresses and Issues, Financial Stresses and Issues.


Favorite Quote:

“Child”, said the Voice, “I am telling you your story, not hers. I tell no one any story but his

own.” –  Aslan The Horse and His Boy


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