April Corder

April has a passion for family, children and marriages.  Having struggled with both financial and relational stress in her marriage, she experienced coaching for herself and understands the importance and benefits that coaching can provide for others. She is ready to help anyone who may be interested in getting “unstuck”.  more about April >>

Eric Corder

His fun-loving personality has carried him through while working in finance, with veterans, in churches, and youth ministries. Eric and his wife, April, are thrilled to be joining The Family Greenhouse team.  more about Eric >>

Ken Miller

Ken’s life experience within the context of his marriage, and through parenting special needs and adoptive children, has provided him a passion for helping others in the community to build thriving relationships within difficult circumstances. more about Ken >>

Laura Miller

In the realm of children’s education, I have spanned the educational options from homeschooling (20+ years!) through “normal” public schooling. more about Laura >>

Scott Doust

As President, he leads the Board of Directors and casts a  vision for the organization. In his spare time, he plays video games, watches movies and goes on dates with his daughters.   more about Scott >>

Abigail Doust

Abigail enjoys coaching, creating workshops, and running the action behind the scenes of The Family Greenhouse. She loves being a mom to her kids who are 12, 10, 8 and 6 years old.   more about Abigail >>

Michelle Duke

Michelle and her husband Jason have pastored for the last 7 years and currently serve at Milestone Church in McKinney. She has 4 kids and a soft spot for adoptive families, pastor’s wives and women in general who feel the worldly pressure of having it all together both inside and out.  more about Michelle >>