What is The Family Greenhouse?

The Family Greenhouse is a nonprofit organization that helps grow strong relationships. We lead workshops and do relationship coaching so that individuals can better communicate, accept each other’s personalities, resolve conflict, deal with stress and overall learn to thrive in their relationships. We enjoy guiding couples to be intentional about their relationship by making S.M.A.R.T. goals that will take their relationship to the next level.

How did you and Scott get started on this?

Although we both have communication degrees, we realized early in marriage that we didn’t know how to communicate well in our relationship. Our own pre-married counseling wasn’t very helpful. We found after just a few years that our relationship was in trouble and at the crossroads of possible divorce. We went to a marriage conference and there we found many helpful tools and principles. After we applied those tools in our marriage (and later with our kids) and saw success, we were eager to make all of it accessible for other couples. When Scott was in grad school, he took several marriage-counseling courses and we began counseling couples together. Without a comprehensive relationship book that had everything we wanted in one place, we decided to make our own curriculum for pre-married & married couples as well as families. Now we are professional coaches and we work together with individuals and couples..and LOVE IT.

Are these workshops Christian based? What if couples prefer something without faith?

Although we come from a Christian worldview, our Starting Strong workshop focuses on practical tools that would help any couple, regardless of faith. We have workshops available for churches to use that are based on faith and biblical principles. We want all couples and families to have the tools for a successful marriage. When we coach individuals and couples, it is up to the client to let us know if they want discussions of faith to be part of the process.

What do you want couples to get from the pre-married workshop?

We want couples to walk away from the Starting Strong workshop with a game plan of how their relationship will get better over the next week, month, and year and over a lifetime. In addition to a plan, we hope they will have tools in their tool belt to help them better understand each other’s personalities, communicate more effectively, manage stress as it comes, and resolve conflict successfully. We hope to save you hours of fighting and hundreds of dollars in counseling!

Our premarital workshop also uses one of the most widely used couples’ assessment in the country- Prepare~Enrich. Before couples come to the workshop they complete an online assessment. The results of that assessment are wonderful insights into how their unique relationship operates and what those 2 people can do to be stronger and healthier. Scott has used this assessment for years and is a certified trainer for others who want to facilitate the assessment.

Do you offer individual coaching if couples feel they need more help?

Yes, we do. Our workshops include a follow-up session and there is definitely more care available with our coaching packages. Some couples are choosing to bypass the workshop and do 2-on-2 coaching with us from the beginning. That way our time is focused on specific they needs they may have.

Do you work with same-sex couples?

All couples are welcome to come to our workshops or to meet with us 2-on-2.

What do you enjoy most about working with couples?

We enjoy getting to know the couples we work with and watching them interact with each other in a new and different way. We can tell they feel re-energized and excited to implement tools to make them successful. But a favorite is when one of the people in the relationship doesn’t want to be there because they don’t think they need it, and they leave saying ,thank you so much, I am SO glad we came.