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What is The Family Greenhouse (TFG)?  We are a nonprofit organization and we create environments where relationships thrive! We do this by offering coaching, workshops and resources.

We come from a Christian worldview and we meet people where they are. You will not find judgment, but grace. This is your journey and we are here to help! You can read more about what we believe.

We have many coaches on our team.  These coaches are all trained with various tools including assessments, ICF coach competencies, and practical exercises. Check out all of our coaches to find one that fits your needs!

Everyone has a story, and TFG has one too.

Check out how and why Scott & Abigail started TFG in the history section.

We provide services for pre-marrieds, married couples, parents, children, siblings, co-workers and more. If you have a relationship, we can help! We are glad you are here and we are thrilled to resource you with everything you need to grow healthy, strong relationships with each other and with God.

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