We recently decided to pursue life coach certification.  Many people know what it is because it is a growing field right now.  But because it is still new, we have had some quizzical looks, “what is life coaching?”  We have had some direct questions: “is that certification for real??”  And some people are defensive of the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours we spent getting masters degrees.  When will you guys know enough? LOL.  Definitely not done learning.

Let’s start with what life coaching is NOT:

  • Life coaching is not therapy- we do not dig into your childhood and provide therapy for past trauma, tragedy and wounds.
  • Life coaching is not friendship- a life coach can lead you and guide you more than a friend might be able to.  We can help you set goals and stick to them, whereas friends might give you too much grace or get caught up in their own lives.
  •  Life coaching is not fluff- people who go to a life coach are ready for real change.  They are ready to see themselves as God made them, with gifts and purpose.  They are ready to move forward and reach goals… all alongside a trained professional.

Life Coaches are not LPCs

Life coach certification can be reached with far fewer hours than a licensed professional counselor (LPC).  Coaching will never take the place of LPCs.  We are big fans!  In fact, I am seeing a counselor right now and wouldn’t trade her expertise for anything.  However, the coaching program  we are pursuing is not for wimps.  We will work 10-12 hours a week for 20 weeks and that won’t actually get us certified.  It will be a good dose of work, but we want to do it!  I know we will be better equipped by the end of it.

Monitoring the Monitors:  Look for credentials

Just as the FDA approves new foods, the TEA certifies teachers, and the NBCC tracks the counselors, coaches have a federation to keep them on track as well.  The big daddy of them all is the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  When you choose a coaching program, you want it to be stamped with approval by ICF.  So can coaches be out there coaching and not be truly trained?  Of course.  Can coaches be working and not actually certified?  I bet so.  Just like any field at all, you will want to choose carefully and know the questions to ask.  Why pay for organic apples if they aren’t really organic?  This is what I am saying.

Types of Life Coaching

Inside the topic of life coaching you will find many specific areas:  fitness, financial, career, self, and relationship.  I saved the best for last!  J  We are interested in seeing couples and helping them move forward in their relationship.

The School Bell is Ringing!

Our first class begins next Wednesday.  Sharpen the pencils!  Get out the legal pad (or Evernote, if you are Scott).  We are eager to learn more, affirm what we know, kick out any bad ideas, and continue the journey of helping couples.  Let us know what your experience with life coaching has been!

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