What is a Kickstart package?

A kickstart package is way for you to get some focused guidance in an area in a short amount of time. In a 2 session package, you get to choose from some of our most popular topics. The cost is $120 for two sessions and the homework in between. Register online, schedule 2 sessions at your convenience with our online scheduler. Come see what a difference a kickstart can make!


Personality (individuals or couples)

This package is based around understanding your personality and how to relate to others effectively. Included is the DISC personality assessment and two sessions with your coach(es).

Would you like to attend the Personality Kickstarter?


Family Values (individuals, couples or families)

Every family operates according to values – they just might not be the values you really desire for your family. Allow us to take you on the process of identifying what matters most and developing a mission statement to direct your next steps.

Is the Family Values Kickstart what you’re looking for?


SMART Goals (individuals or couples)

You may have heard that writing down your goals makes you more likely to accomplish them. This kickstart session is intended to apply the popular SMART Goal process to your relationships. We will guide you in making goals that you will be able to reach to impact your family in a positive way.

Your SMART Goals Kickstart begins now.


Financial Plans (individuals or couples)

Before you get to the numbers, it is helpful to create goals and values that will filter your financial decisions. In this kickstart session we help individuals develop their philosophies and desires with money and we help couples communicate more effectively to make a plan together.

For help with your financial planning, the Financial Kickstart is for you.


Marriage Enrichment (dating, engaged, married couples)

When you connect two people with different personalities, family backgrounds and life experiences, you are on an adventure! We are pleased to offer this kickstart as a way to enrich your relationship across a spectrum of topics including personality, communication, relationship dynamics, conflict, stress and more. This package uses the Prepare~Enrich assessment as a guide to take you to your next steps.

If the Marriage Kickstart is exactly what you’re looking for, then yes…