Sometimes we need to work on our own stuff. Whether you feel stuck or unsatisfied in your profession, health, parenting, finances, or regarding a relationship with someone (relative or friend), individual coaching might be for you. When you work on you, good things are likely to come from it.

For a more detailed explanation click here to learn more about what coaching is all about.

Risk-free Start

Individual coaching with The Family Greenhouse always starts with a complimentary Discovery Session for us to get to know each other and talk about your needs and desires. It is during and after that session that we can all determine what your next steps might be.  Men see Scott for individual coaching and women see Abigail.

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How much does it cost?

Our coaching costs include assessments and other materials.

The pay as you go model is $95 per session.

We recommend you pre-purchase sessions in packages. These are not an indicator of how long you will meet with your coach but allows you to make a commitment and we will decrease your cost. If needed we can split the payments in half to allow you to be able to fit your budget better.

4 sessions at a time $340

10 sessions at a time $650

In addition scholarships may be available.

Is it worth it?

Like so many things, the willingness to put hard-earned money toward it is dependent on

  1. how much you value it and
  2. how effective you think it will be.

Come see us so we can talk about it, and you can better determine if it would help you get what you want for your relationship.

Can I do a combo of individual coaching and couples coaching?

We offer versatility when you purchase a 4 or 10 session package of coaching. You can bring your spouse in for a couple weeks on an individual issue, or you can have some individual sessions when your primary focus is a couples’ issue. We want to do what is best for you, and most helpful to reaching your goals.

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