One of the biggest questions we get is, “what is coaching?” This is a great question and one we don’t mind answering. In a nutshell, a coach is someone who helps a relatively healthy person or couple move forward and reach their goals. For a more detailed explanation check out our blog, Is coaching real?

Risk-free Start

Coaching with The Family Greenhouse always starts with a complimentary Discovery Session for us to get to know each other and talk about your needs and desires. It is during and after that session that we can all determine what your next steps might be.

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If you decide to move forward with coaching with us, there are packages to choose from. You can pay as you go for sessions, however a commitment of a package allows you to save money. The cost per session drops when you commit to the process. If you are need of a scholarship or discount, please talk with us to determine availability of discounts.  We don’t want you to walk away because of finances.

Session Costs depend on whether you are meeting an individual coach or a couple.

Individual Coaching

  • 1 Session= $95
  • Commitment of 4 Sessions*= $85
  • Commitment of 10 Sessions*= $65 (best deal!)

A Couple Coaching (A husband and wife team)

  • 1 Session= $110
  • Commitment of 4 Sessions*= $100
  • Commitment of 10 Sessions*= $80 (best deal!)

*The package may be paid all at once or be split into two payments. All of our packages can be used for both individual and couples coaching. Also, there may be scholarships that you qualify for.

Is it worth it?

Like so many things, the willingness to put hard-earned money toward it is dependent on

  • how much you value it and
  • how effective you think it will be.

Come see us so we can talk about it, and you can better determine if it would help you get what you want for your life and relationship.

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