We are big fans of the Chamber of Commerce and we are glad you are here! We are your local nonprofit resource for growing strong relationships, and we are glad to have coffee and talk about how we can help YOU. TFG is founded by Scott and Abigail Doust and fueled by a great team of board members, coaches, staff, and volunteers. You can read our story and how we came to be!

There are perks to being part of the Chamber! Chamber members get 10% off their first package with us! We offer coaching, personality assessments, workshops, resources, and training.


We coach individuals, couples, families, teams, and business partners. Do you have goals you want to reach? People you want to have healthier relationships with? Any recent transitions? As you are ready to move forward, we are here to guide you through it. Schedule a free strategy session with one of our coaches.


If you would like to take an online personality assessment to help you process how you are wired, click here to order the assessment for $20. You don’t have to see us to get your report and process it, but you can use your free strategy session to review it with a coach.


We offer personality, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication workshops and more! A group of 10 can enjoy a customized workshop for their group, business, family or church. Workshops can be faith-based or not. Browse and let us know what looks good…we will customize to you!


You can find blogs, videos, podcasts and exercises to help you grow and move forward in whatever season of life or struggles you are experiencing. See the scope of it and you can also do a search for keywords. If you have ideas for more resources, please contact us to make a suggestion!


We equip leadership teams, certify coaches, and train people to be Prepare/Enrich facilitators. For coach training, check out our next course. To consult about more specific training for yourself or your group, contact us.


We believe part of creating lasting change is to have some financial skin in the game; however, as a non-profit, our goal is to never turn someone away due to finances. Come see us to know if we’re a match, and then we can talk about partial scholarships to make it work for you.

Our board, coaches, and staff

Back row: Jason Duke, Michelle Duke, John Touchberry, Jan Touchberry, Scott Doust, Abigail Doust, Ken Miller, Eric Corder, April Corder, Richard Wiser
Front row: Robyn Trantham, Laura Landrum, Courtney Thielepape, Judy Casey, Laura Miller, Deena Peppers