I’m heartbroken these days. I’m crying the “ugly cry” for people I care about. Four couples I care deeply about are running/falling/slipping quickly into divorce like a teenager driving too fast behind the wheel. First at the scene of the accident We all know accidents happen. First responders know even   Read More

I have been experiencing residual pain that has become debilitating. A car accident from years ago combined with occupational patterns, poor posture, and bad habits has propelled me into massage appointments. In case you are imaging candles and smiles and cool drinks, please let me clarify: this is intense move-the-muscles-back-to-their-places massage   Read More

Stop Trying To Lead Have I got your attention? I think this election cycle has me going back to the biblical concept of leadership, versus the cultural concept of leadership. Add to it the confused understanding of marriage from many of the men I met with over the last several years,   Read More