I have frequently been bothered by the inability to quickly commiserate with someone on Facebook. Someone is hurting? Sick? Heading to put their dog to sleep? The “like” button doesn’t work. It seems by its very nature, it is set up to share the good things. All those good things   Read More

Some of you enjoyed some extra treats on Valentine’s Day. It might have been flowers, chocolates, dinner out or a romantic evening. I’m in favor of all of those things! I’m definitely also in favor of the spontaneous, romantic, not-because-Hallmark-told-me-to moments that you can create all year long. One of   Read More

As I look at this adorable couple expecting their first baby, I am overjoyed for them. They pray for this child consistently, knowing that God has answers to all of their unknowns. It is likely that we can all agree: having your first child (or any child, for that matter)   Read More