Raising teens presents enough challenges just helping them adjust to the myriad changes they face. As a parent of many children, and having as many as four straddling the teen years at the same time, I learned early on to not ride every roller coaster ride that they invite me   Read More

This is a continuation of Part 1 which can be viewed here Make a Visible Calendar I grew up the child of a Mary Kay sales director and one of the things I’ll never forget as a child was the weekly calendar posted on our refrigerator every Sunday night. It   Read More

I am so thrilled to have met Audrey, a woman with a contagious spirit about giving to others. She and her business partner Matt have given away thousands of dollars to help nonprofits do their thing. They are stepping up to do good– (that’s why it’s named Step Up Realty) —   Read More

Just this morning I sat and lamented to the Lord that I was feeling overwhelmed with all of life’s activity and the fact that I hadn’t had two seconds to sit and have a meaningful conversation with my husband in four days. My love language is quality time, and I   Read More