This blog is written by a recent graduate of Cultivate Coach Training program. It’s been a joy to grow with you, Jennifer! Little children, keep yourselves from idols.  ~1 John 5:21 I have had the privilege to be surrounded by many amazing mothers.  Mothers who would do anything to keep   Read More

Eric and I try to be intentional in how we parent and what kind of home we create.  One of the ways we do that is by focusing some effort into our Family Guidelines, our Family Do’s. After researching and gathering other’s ideas on what was important in their households,   Read More

That’s what my  son, who was 4 at the time,  asked me out of the blue one day.  Eric and I were gathered around the kitchen table with our two other children who were talking excitedly about the arrival of their baby sister.   “Did God make me talk like   Read More