We are excited to come alongside you as you grow healthy, strong relationships in your church and your community!

What is The Family Greenhouse?

The Family Greenhouse (TFG) is a nonprofit organization that comes alongside churches to equip and train believers to impact relationships in a healthy way. People can be equipped to be part of a Care Team at church, lead a marriage ministry, or become a professional certified coach. The Family Greenhouse offers workshops, coaching, training and resources for individuals, couples, families and teams. We combine biblical truths with practical tools to create an environment where relationships thrive!

Why should people help grow strong relationships?

Oh where should we start? So that…
– people in your church have God-honoring relationships
– marriages are moving forward and making an impact
– parents would lead their children with confidence
– church teams would work together effectively
– nonbelievers would be drawn to Christ followers who are living full out for God
– the pastor will be supported with many other competent lay counselors and coaches to help the body
– the church can offer workshops, coaching and resources to the community and reach out to bring people inside
– your church can offer pre-married coaching (both Christian and outreach)
– coaches can offer professional support to pastoral staff and missionaries (because all relationships need enriching!)

Care Certification at Your Church

On your schedule, your leaders and/or volunteers are invited to take the first step toward Care Certification. The entire training is a commitment of 21 hours of training over several weeks, or you can break it into modules and do what fits your needs.

This training will equip you to meet with individuals, couples, families and teams with competence to coach, minister to, and overall confidently love on hurting people. Your training includes these workshops:
– Personality (DISC) – 3 hours
– Emotional Intelligence – 3 hours
– Healthy Boundaries – 3 hours
– Coaching Through Change – 3 hours
– Sin Cycle and Scripture – 3 hours
Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Training- 6 hours

Growing Individuals in Your Church

Once you are care team certified, you could offer help to grow relationship in your church and community! You could offer…
– Workshops on Boundaries, Values, Financial Communication, Personality, Parenting Adult Children, Taking Care of Aging Parents, Goal Setting in Relationships, Emotional Intelligence and Marriage.
– Personal coaching to help individuals, couples and families move forward in a unique and God-honoring way.
– Training for your leaders in person, by phone and by video conference so that you can lead others in your congregation in a healthy, focused way.

What is our background?

Your trainers are Scott and Abigail Doust and we are co-founders of The Family Greenhouse. Scott was a pastor for 10 years and has a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological. We are both certified coaches and have been helping couples and families for the last 8 years. Read more about Scott and Abigail or how TFG got started. You also might browse what we believe.

Care Team Certification offers pastoral care and lay counseling. Folks who are passionate about walking alongside others may be interested in taking the next step which is a 60 hour Relationship Coach Training.

We are incredibly blessed to do what we love and we are excited to make an impact in your church. We are ready to help you take your ministry to the next level!

We are available to answer questions and dream with you about your church’s care team. Contact us at Grow@FamilyGreenhouse.org, (972) 694-3114.