We don’t mean to brag, but there are some cool things to share with you. We are just a bunch of normal people who believe in something bigger than ourselves, and we unite and strive toward the goal. Every now and then we get noticed, and here are some of our accomplishments and partnerships.

Our goal here at The Family Greenhouse is to better people’s lives through their relationships with God and others.

And when we accomplish those goals, hopefully, we’ve improved someone else’s lives for the better.  We know that an accomplishment ranges from a family’s life getting back on track, a strengthened marriage able to handle challenges and celebrate milestones, or an individual overcoming the hurdles that keep them from the life they were meant for.

We celebrate with you and we hope you will celebrate with us!

Great Nonprofits

Great Nonprofits is an organization that gathers the information of nonprofit organizations, like The Family Greenhouse, and then asks the clients of those nonprofits to review and rate them based on their performance.  Great Nonprofits awarded The Family Greenhouse as one of their 2015, 2016 and 2017 Top Rated Nonprofit organizations and we are thrilled to display that badge with honor and humility.

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Guidestar is very similar to Great Nonprofits in that it is a great search mechanism for finding nonprofit organizations that suits your needs for any aspect in life.  Guidestar goes a step further by offering the nonprofit’s financial and business dealings right up front, so when you are searching for that nonprofit, you’ll know what you’re committing to and what you’re getting out of that organization.  At Guidestar, we’re out on full display, so to speak and we do that because we want you to know that our only goal is to help you achieve relationship bliss!

See for yourself what Guidestar has to say about The Family Greenhouse

McKinney Chamber of Commerce

Scott is proud to be active in the Chamber, including serving as an Ambassador and Chair-Elect (2018) of the Ambassador Team. He is privileged to participate in Leadership McKinney (Class of 2018) this year and work alongside some of the most influential and effective leaders in the community. The Family Greenhouse is recognized as a respected organization in its home city of McKinney and strives to support and better serve its citizens through its work as a nonprofit.

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