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Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear?

Are you sick of having those mornings where you try on EVERY SINGLE THING in your closet and nothing works, so you finally grab SOMETHING, throw it on, and rush out the door, totally rattled before your day even starts, and leaving your house looking like it’s been hit by a tornado?

The struggle is real.

I used to struggle with this all the time.

No one really teaches us what to wear or how to dress in a way that feels like us, so we can end up frustrated, spending way more time and money on clothes than we want- or just giving up- either way, feeling like we don’t have it together. I was tired of struggling with my clothes and buying things that would just hang in my closet. I wanted to be a better steward of what I had, so I did something drastic and gave up shopping for a year.

I gave up shopping for a year.

It totally changed my life in the best way possible!

  • I learned that I had way more options than I’d realized (even as a newlywed who’d built her closet with thrifting and Forever 21 shopping trips, I came up with more than 365 “new” outfits that year!)
  • Plus, I finally figured out my style;
  • And I learned how to spot what was missing so I could make my closet really versatile and feel like me.
  • But my absolute favorite thing? I learned how to free up my time, money, and energy so I could use them to make what really matters to me happen.

I am privileged to share with others.

Since that year, I’ve been teaching women all over the world the strategies I learned to help them feel amazing using what’s already in their closet- even if they don’t have “the eye” for style!

9 ways your closet can help you!

Today let’s look at 9 ways your closet can make your relationships with yourself, your spouse, and your stuff even better!

Learning how to use your clothes well can help you do other things better:

  • You’ll feel more attractive, put together, and slimmer, so you’ll have more energy to make what matters happen!
  • When you improve anything you do every day, like getting dressed, you set yourself up for more success every single day!
  • And because you’re spending less time figuring out what to wear and digging through your closet, you free up time and energy for the things that really matter to you.

Figuring out your style can also make your relationship with your spouse better:

  • If you have a closet that works and a plan on how to tweak it as you go, you’ll spend less money on clothes. You’ll probably even spend less on other things because you won’t be out shopping as much. And better spending habits mean less financial stress and conversations!
  • You’ll free up more time you can invest in your spouse!
  • And because you feel more attractive, it’s easier to initiate intimacy and love your spouse well.

Getting a handle on your clothes can also simplify your life!

  • Most of us have a ton of clothes we don’t need. Knowing what to get rid of and why will help you be more organized and can even free up mental energy!
  • You’ll own less and love it more. Plus, taking care of less things makes it easier to be a better steward of what you have.
  • And you can help others by giving the pieces you don’t need to someone who does!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Do you want to learn how to use your clothes to make your relationship with yourself, your spouse, and your stuff even better? Take the free Greater Than Rubies challenge!


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